Saturday, June 20, 2015

Beauty infield June (Plus a look at the following month)

Bikini season is here (gulp) and thus another box full of beauty goodness comes to your home (at least for subscribers Allure Beauty Box). Box this month is equipped with six products from trusted publishers to prepare for their weekend in the Hamptons, on the Cape or a pristine white sand (Well, a girl can dream!) Remote paradise.

First eSalon leave-in conditioner perfect end to a skin care cream that dry, damaged hair and smooth annoying nourishes flyaways. In other words, exactly what you you need your hair before (and after) a day at the beach. For all the places that you do not want your hair (can name a few) we have completely naked wax strips to be a six bands Prewaxed as painless hair removal wax strips can only be included. And yes, there is a sunscreen (I knew it was coming). Cotz Face Sunscreen SPF 40 is a sunscreen with minerals with pure yellowish (very), minimizing imperfections, mats oily skin helps. But what is summer without a specific color? Whether a (false) deep bronze, courtesy of the best Beauty Breakthrough Award winning St. Tropez Self Tan Express (leaving the label allocation speak for themselves) or nail polish beauty Lauren B. Punch Polo Lounge, a magenta tone that manages both bureaucratically being and adaptive range. And to celebrate our players Choice Awards, appearing in the June issue, it felt good, include a favorite player as ELF Studio Stipple Brush Petit to add its beauty kit.

We are not the only sources in the field this month. See below for Danielle Gray walks through your favorites.

But I envy? do not be. Register here to get filled with six favorite editor of Allure next month the box. And if the Bumble & Bumble Estee Lauder, and stains Supergoop grinning from ear to ear, you should be very excited to see what will come.

Have Fun!

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