Sunday, June 21, 2015

Why do I need one hour in a water tank salt PitchBlack spent

Float Tank session.jpg
As Nerd beauty when I started planning my recent stay, I have to ask for restaurant recommendations or attractions not research. I have written "fresh Spas in Amsterdam" in Google. That's how I am floating in a dark bathroom, called salt in a spa Koan Float.

Before entering, however, I did some due diligence. According to the website spa the boat was filled with hundreds of gallons of water and dissolved over a thousand pounds of Epsom salts and the mixture produces a dynamic effect similar to the Dead Sea, where his body floats effortlessly on the surface. I went to the Dead Sea and thought the experience was fascinating, but it was uncomfortable-crazy-crowded and sink kept his feet and getting stuck on the seabed in sticky mud stains.

After some research I discovered that when the idea of a "floating meeting" seemed strange that emerged in the US in 1950 (there are float tanks in spas across the country). Developed by John Lilly, a neuroscientist at the University of Pennsylvania, the idea of people with have a safe, quiet, contained, which promotes relaxation by sensory deprivation. I am a (not outdoors) anxious person, and this seemed perfect.

Tomorrow my session, I jumped makeup and breakfast (I do not know about the food in the area go into the stomach to think). I am a tour of the facilities, the roughly my way through Snapchatted. The tank looked like something out of a novel by Aldous Huxley, with a hatch closes as soon as you are on / off switch for music and light, and if you feel a button to release a breath of fresh air claustrophobic. (Luckily, one of the few phobias that I did not.)

Now for the piece-wise:

Step 1 :. Nudity Each tank is on its own private bathroom with shower to rinse off before you. On the float Like most people, I was naked, but you can wear a bathing suit, if desired. The only other preparation involved deciding whether to use earplugs (which I did) and applying petroleum jelly to make cuts in your body that could be irritated by the salt.

Step 2 :. Enter coat Although the salt water was perfectly clear that I could see where he was going. The water is kept at body temperature, so that it feels neither hot nor cold.

Step 3 :. Close the hatch This forced me to lay in the water, but as promised, he bounced back to the surface. The capsule was large enough that I did not feel at all trapped. It was relaxing and intrauterine.

Step 4: Lights out, I decided to keep the spa music and my body slowly in the water bending .. I could completely relax the neck, because I felt completely weightless. The only problem is that the flight uncomfortable plugs my ears.

Step 5 :. Float for about 20 minutes, I meditated alone. It was almost as if someone gave me a kind of sedative (I was in Amsterdam after all). I could tell it hardly what parts of my body under water and were above. In zero gravity, of course, took my elbow a kind scarecrow to ask and my curved spine because these skeletons in science classes.

Step 6 :. Experience My thoughts began to wander. In the name of research, I decided to play with the keys inside the tank, but it was dark, so it was difficult. I turned off the light killed the mood, and quickly. I cut the music, trying to meditate in silence, but that made it much more difficult to think of anything, I turned again. Finally I squeezed the breath of air switch, because I began to feel a little limited. Although this was the effort have my own thoughts during this brief moment of silence.

Step 7: I wish I had finished. I lost track of time, but I guess I'm a little more than half of the session, when I salt water in my eye. I was careful not to splash around or touch my face, but it happened and it was painful. This kind of ruins in the last ten to 15 minutes of my float.

Step 8 :. Back to reality in the time stamp, the lights automatically activated and a smooth speaker's voice told me that my time was up. I'm so excited flush eyes that I stepped into the shower and running quickly slipped and fell. There's nothing like adding a little humiliation to the pain. But when I took a shower, I felt better and completely relaxed.

Later that day, when I sent my ridiculous selfie front of the tank in Instagram, many people asked me if I am worried about the possibility of drowning, and I can honestly say no. Even though I had fallen asleep, I would have stayed afloat. When I look back, and I would be more cautious in their dealings with me and perhaps best earplugs, and I really had the strange sensation of water in the ears for a few days.

I have learned that you are going to go to great depths to relax really swim almost on the surface. Although I admit I prefer a massage.


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