Saturday, June 20, 2015

How to look good when it's hot outside

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Get inspiration from celebrities summer style, and the only place where you can forget sunscreen, before fascination today connections.

Learn to look, when the bundling sweltering with the help of their favorite celebrities. [Who What Wear]

This is the only place you should use sunscreen, but probably not. [In the Gloss]

Red to purple the new pink lips? [Style Caster]

Before you dye your eyebrows, read this. [Refinery 29]

This is what the teacher is Soul Cycle eat after a workout. [Bel good]

Lindsay Ellingson showed how beautiful she will be the loser. [Byrdie]

Not surprisingly, the northwest and is an icon of hair at the age of two years. [Vogue]

Hair color may be over, but the shadow eyebrows are not. [Nylon]

Christy Turlington, why runway modeling stopped and has never regretted it. [E Online]

Laverne Cox gets an ice cream flavor that bears his name, because of course it is. [Jezebel]

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For the beauty of the summer, observation: